220px-Revival_crusade_in_Andhra_Pradesh,_India,_Johannes_Maas,_American_evangelist,_speakingOne of the events I have helped organise with Release International was for a partner from India who was sharing about the situation in his country.

It was an excellent evening during which he shared about the effects of the 2014 landslide election victory by the BJP, and the effect this would have upon the minority groups including the Christian community.

It was towards the end of the evening that something struck me which made me think ‘really’?

He had been telling us about the explosive growth of the church in India, particularly amongst the Dalit people (the lowest in their Caste system), but also among the minority Muslim community (minority is a strange description since due to the overall population of India, this ‘minority’ comprises more Muslims than any other nation on earth).

He described the growth of the church in India as possibly the greatest move of the Spirit in the history of the church.

But he also described the growth in the number of attacks on the church, which range from disruption of services to the murder of pastors.

Towards the end of the evening a lady asked him ‘why the Hindu nationalists in India attack the Christians’. It crossed my mind that the obvious answer to this was that if we are really seeing a great move of the Holy Spirit it is no surprise that the enemy is mustering his troops to attach the church of Christ in this land.

After the Q&A’s we entered into a heartfelt time of prayer for our Christian family in the nation of India.

As well as this, people were also praying for the door-to-door work which the church would be doing in their neighborhood the following evening.

One man prayed that we would see what is happening in India also happening in the UK.


And that was my ‘really’ moment….

I have heard some dangerous prayers in my time, and earlier the same day a good friend of mine had been telling me that when he and his wife had prayed the prayer of Jabez, to ‘expand their boundaries’ they had no idea at the time of what God was subsequently going to lead them into, and it had been more than they ever expected.

But this was a truly dangerous prayer!

As much as i agreed with him, my mind wondered if he really knew what he was praying?

Was he thinking only of the revival in the Indian church which had just been described?

Or was he also thinking about the almost certain increase in opposition to the church such as we are seeing in India?

If he was only thinking of the former, perhaps if God answers his prayer he may reflect that ‘he should have been specific’!

Because i am convinced that what is happening in the Indian church shows us the true cost of revival.

Where God is on the move then the enemy will be there opposing Him, and the focus of his opposition will be the church, the body of Christ here on earth.

So when we pray for revival in our country, do we pray with our eyes wide open, or do we want the grace which is free but without having to pay the cost of discipleship?

As followers of Christ, do we take the great commission to make and grow disciples seriously, knowing that the cost will be increased opposition?

If we do, then as one of my dearest friends will often pray – “BRING IT ON LORD”!