russiaPlease pray for our brothers and sisters in a Pentecostal church in Russia which has been attacked by armed men.

The attackers raided Emmanuel Church in Alexandrov town while the worship team were rehearsing. Armed with a knife, the men attacked two Christians and insulted and threatened the others present, demanding a full list of church members’ names.

Church members suspect the men were nationalists intolerant of non-Orthodox churches and warn of a ‘dangerous trend’ towards religious intolerance in Russia.

Their church, which is 75 miles north-east of Moscow, is part of the Assemblies of God movement which is officially registered in the Vladimir region and nationally.

  • Please pray that God will comfort those present during the attack on Emmanuel Church, who included some young people.
  • Pray that Emmanuel Church members will be known for their love and compassion as they reach out to the wider community.
  • Pray that the Russian authorities will stand against intolerance and uphold religious freedom for all citizens.

(Source: Release International partner)